Now Hiring

“Pour me a cold one, Timmy.  I’ll take a shot of the hard stuff too,” said Marcus. “If you don’t stop referring to our cold brew as ‘cold ones’ and our espresso as ‘the hard stuff’ I’m not going to be pouring you anything,” mumbled Timmy. “Thanks boss, my days been good and you?” Marcus … More Now Hiring

Chénmò Shì Měidé

“We’re going to be late!” She exclaimed. “Why are you so insistent on making my life as hectic as possible!?” I continued to stare forward; completely unphazed by the barrage.  Yes we had a plane to catch, but first, I had a date with destiny. “Matthew!” she said.  “Can you at least acknowledge that you’re … More Chénmò Shì Měidé

Hansel, The Fat Little Jerk & Gretel, The Tinfoil Maniac

Once upon a time, I (Judy Hagardy) was minding my own business in my vacation home which I had purposely built from candy – The roof from sheets of gingerbread for a fragrant home, and windows of clear sugar to maintain a view of the breathtaking forestry surrounding me – When all of a sudden … More Hansel, The Fat Little Jerk & Gretel, The Tinfoil Maniac

Gyro Dreams of Vinyl

To the Parents of Gyro Anderson, We’d like to inform you of your son’s grades and extra-curricular involvements this semester at Patchouli-Hemp Intermediary School House.  Gyro has had an eventful year thus far!  Apart from leading our only sports team (Pistol Dueling) to the state championship, he has also maintained his position as president of … More Gyro Dreams of Vinyl