Chénmò Shì Měidé

“We’re going to be late!” She exclaimed. “Why are you so insistent on making my life as hectic as possible!?”

I continued to stare forward; completely unphazed by the barrage.  Yes we had a plane to catch, but first, I had a date with destiny.

“Matthew!” she said.  “Can you at least acknowledge that you’re making our life needlessly hectic?!”

Not a word did I speak.  Not a twitch of the arm or a bat of the eye did I make.   I was focused.  In the zone.  As far as I knew, this could be the most important moment of my life.  Never before had the secrets of the world been made so effortlessly available to one individual.

“Matthew James, you have got to be kidding me!”

I peeled the artificial covering back, exposing the prize; by color it would be sand but by texture it would be finely sanded wood.   I pulled from the center, the prize opening up to me; the secrets of the universe unfolding before me.

“If you don’t get up right now I’m leaving without you!”

I couldn’t worry about the imminent threat that was my angry wife, I had to embrace my destiny.  I continued to tug on the prize of my conquest.   I had made it to the end of the journey, and my reward was waiting to be had.   With the synthetic covering and hollow case removed, my destiny lay before me inscribed on the finest of scrolls.  It unrolled before my very eyes and I read it aloud;

“Silence is a…vir…virtual.  Especially Dinner time (huh?), from tele…telemarketers…” “Silence is a virtual especially dinner time from telemarketers,” I repeated.  “I guess… I  guess we can head out now babe…”

I turned to find an open door.   I couldn’t help but feel like I had done something to upset my wife, and for that I felt a tinge of regret.  Yet as I stood alone in my apartment, an ancient, and powerful truth resonated from within me.

Silence is a virtual.


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