To Pee, or not to Peace – that is the Question.

Welcome to my first post!  Before I get into it, I just want to say thank you for taking time to read and subscribe to my blog, I really do appreciate you giving me any of your time.  Even if you don’t read these and you’re just checking in to make sure I’m writing, thank you.  Anyway, “712 More Things To Write About” wanted me to have an internal debate about what was more important; world peace or indoor plumbing.  Here is my final answer, Regis.

In life, we all face difficult decisions between great things and slightly greater things.  You know the usual internal struggles in which we all engage daily; coffee or tea?  Chocolate or vanilla?  Indoor plumbing, or world peace? Okay so maybe the first two aren’t so tough (Coffee and Chocolate are uncontested champions and if you disagree you may want to unsubscribe from this blog), but has anyone had to make a more difficult decision lately than indoor plumbing or world peace?

Indoor plumbing not only keeps us from having to deal with creepy crawlies while we make onesie or twosie, but it also allows us to have clean drinking water in an instant and keep ourselves clean and warm with a skin-scouring shower.   With all of these perks laid out, it’s really difficult to see what world peace has to offer that can compete with indoor plumbing.  Seriously, it took me a while to think of anything, but world peace does have one thing going for it that indoor plumbing can’t compete with; it’s free!

That’s right, what else can you get for free in the 21st century?  Guilt-free conscious?  Boring.  Phone apps?  Yea, with all those advertisements?  Pass.  An iPad?  And give up all my personal information?  No thanks.  World peace?   Sign me up!  What a deal!  Clearly indoor plumbing has all the flashy perks and bells and whistles (I mean who can argue with that?!) but when push comes to shove, free is free, and not free isn’t, and that’s why world peace is better than indoor plumbing, such as.

Neumeier 2020; Peace and Plumbing


3 thoughts on “To Pee, or not to Peace – that is the Question.

  1. “I have no desire nor ability to write philosophical musings, enlightening poetry, or political tirades.”

    “Neumeier 2020; Peace and Plumbing”

    Off to a great start!

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